How To Design Custom Cream Boxes

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5/5 - (1 vote)

Welcome to our guide on how to design custom cream boxes. Since you are already here, then you must have a cream business, and you heard about all the hype about the custom cream boxes. And you want to start using those custom cream boxes, but you don’t strictly know where to start. That’s why we tried to help you and wrote this guide on how to design the custom cream boxes easily. So before we get into that, let’s clear some things and see what actually are cream boxes.

Designing Your Cream Boxes

Cream boxes are a type of packaging that is offering custom boxes to your creams. This will help your brand to get recognized in the markets and as well as protecting the cream from the damage that can be dealt with during transportation. The custom cream boxes are available in all sizes and all shapes. They can have whatever design you want, and also you can pick any color you like. So that’s why they are so requested and why they’re so good. So let’s see what you first need to do in order to have your very own custom cream boxes.

Measure the Size of the Cream Product

This is a significant step because, in order to get an excellent and affordable custom cream box, you must know what the cream product measurements are. And in order or you to do that, you can just simply write down the measurements of the cream product. And see what packaging box will fit it best. Try not to craft it too big or either too small, find a size that will be great and your product can get easily fitted in there.

Pick the Material

Then we proceed with the material. This is also something you got to keep an eye on because you need to find the material that is affordable but also does fantastic work, and that is carton. You can also get it built of other materials, just try to get the best price as possible.

Design It

This is one of the most crucial and most important things you must keep an eye on. This will lure the buyers to your item, so it’s really good that you give up a lot of time on the design. So in order for your design to be attractive, you must make something that will be unique and different from all the others. Try and match the colors first. Since this is in the beauty industry, try to go with something brighter. Usually, beauty industries, especially for cream products, have a white, rose, red, or some other combination of all these colors. But that doesn’t mean that you must focus on these colors. You can choose whatever color you like as long as it fits the brand logo and your cream product.

Some other accessories that you can consider for the cream packaging box are imprints. You can get the brand logo imprinted on the cream box. This is a great way to create some brand recognition. A lot of your customers who are searching only for your brand will easily find it.

Also, you can add some other imprints like pictures of the cream product, expiry date, how to use, ingredients, etc. This is also essential stuff that you must keep on eye on. Because a lot of the new customers won’t actually know how to use the cream properly, and they can sue it improperly and can have a bad image for your brand. Since they won’t have the result as they should, and they will share it with friends that the brand is terrible. But in fact, they didn’t use it wisely. So it’s really important stuff that you must keep an eye on while creating thus types of cream packaging boxes.

Get a Preview

After you are all done with the measurements, designs, and materials, you can go ahead to a packaging supplier and tell them about your idea about the cream packaging. They will see it and review it, and they will give you a 3D preview of how the custom cream box will look in real life. And if you find that it is okay, then go ahead and discuss the price.


Always try to find the best price for the quality you are ordering. Because most of the time, you will be ordering a massive amount of cream boxes. And the packaging suppliers will know it’s a really big project so in order to get the job they must offer discount prices. But don’t always fall for low prices because some of the times they can have really bad materials. So after you discuss all tell them, you want to see a test of your packaging so that you can see if everything is okay. So after you see the cream box packaging in real life and if you find it the exact way that you had it imagined in your head, then go ahead and start ordering the larger amount.

Start Your Order

The last steps are to go ahead and order. Try to make monthly deals because sometimes people make yearly deals and they can’t end it. So monthly deals are great because you can end it when you find that you aren’t making so much profit out of them.

Hope you enjoyed this article and hope you find some of the information helpful. Be sure to go ahead and spread it with the world.