How To Design Quality Lip Gloss Boxes

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Are you curious about how to design a perfect custom box for your lip gloss business? And you’ve searched on all other sites, but there is no strictly information about this. Well, here we will guide you on how you can design a quality lip gloss box even if you are new and you don’t know anything.

Design Quality Lip Gloss Boxes

The custom lip gloss boxes are being used worldwide these days. With these boxes, you can present to your customers what they are actually buying and is it worth it. This can play a really big role in the decision of the buyer’s mind. So that’s why everyone wants to put their time into the lip gloss boxes. So let’s go from the first step.

Plan Your Lip Gloss Boxes Packaging 

It’s always good for you to first have a plan on how you want the lip gloss packaging to look like. So in order for that to work, you either need to hire a designer so he can make the plan, or you can do it yourself with a little creativity. You can either draw it on a piece of paper or ou can design it online using the software for custom box designing.

Get The Right Size

Be sure to take measurements of the lip gloss because the box must fit the product you are selling. If it’s too small, then you won’t be able to fit it properly and might damage the lip gloss. And if it’s too big, then you would have a bad look and a waste of packaging.

Pick Your Material

In this step, you must go ahead and pick the material you want your lip gloss to be stored into. So you either pick the most popular cartoon materials, or you go ahead and find some other eco-friendly things that you can get it built of by. And it’s really important to go for lighter packaging because the lip gloss is really easy to carry so you won’t need any additional protection. But you must secure it, so it doesn’t break.


This is the most important step because every buyer falls for this. And it’s the first thing that the buyer sees before he can get to open up and check the lip gloss. So it’s essential to put a lot of time on the design in order to get the packaging to work out great.

Ladies mainly buy the lip gloss, so that’s why you must get an attractive box packaging for them so they will like it. 

Try to go for a more premium and luxury look. So when a buyer comes to it, he will feel that luxurious vibe of the lip gloss packaging. And also, it’s really important to consider internal designing as well. So when the buyers open the lip gloss box, they will see that the inside has a design as well, so that will give them an even better vibe at the moment. And they will want to buy your product over and over again.

You can also add them more in value by adding lamination, die-cut window panes, foiling, etc. This will make your customers even more proud of your work.

Add Your Brand Logo

Try and find a place to put the brand on the packaging because a lot of the customers who are searching strictly for your brand can find it easily. And also it can get some brand authority after all.

Get Other Items Imprinted

Try and put some other information about the lip gloss. You can go ahead and add the expiration date of the product. And also the ingredients what is the lip gloss made out of. As well as the color of the lip gloss and maybe put a picture of the color so the ladies can see it and manage to think if it would look good on them. So this is just some basic stuff you need to do in order to get the recognition you want.

Consider Some Add-Ons

Try to add some add-ons on the custom lip gloss box as well. For example, you can go ahead and add a ribbon, so it looks more elegant. Or you can have a personal message written to every buyer. Just think of something creative that your customers will enjoy. 

Always Request a Sample Box

Before ordering a large amount of lip gloss boxes, you must always consider requiring a test product box where you can see if the material and design will look good. So that will help you decide which design you want at last. So you can then go ahead and purchase a significant amount of the packaging boxes for your business.

Get Cheaper Prices

Since you are ordering a big amount of packaging for your lip gloss business, try and debate on a discount for the packaging with the boss. Tell him that you will be ordering monthly and then he will give you a price, and you see either it will be profitable for our business or not. Go to more packaging suppliers and see where are the best price and the best quality for you.

Time To Get Going

We hope you’ve learned anything from all of the guides we wrote. Be sure to go ahead and share it with some of your closest friends or relatives. They might find this very helpful.